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What is it? is a fun live interactive web based raffle picker. Most other raffle systems require users to enter their email then when you are ready you pick a winner and it emails everyone a message for the results. With you simply create a room, share the url, see users connect instantly, each user gets assigned a random robot avatar. Once you are ready you pick a winner and everyone instantly sees who won.


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The developers of Rafflebot first met at a web developer meetup. The meetup has a few sponsers and normally each month has a free give away. Originally the meetup used the standard red tickets, we wrote our name on a ticket and put it in a bowl. Then the leader of the group would pick a ticket out and announce the winner. As the meetup grew this became harder and harder to do. Then someone from the group had an idea to build a web based application that could basically do the same thing. Everyone went to a url, colored dots would show up for each person connected. The leader would then push a button and everyone's screen turned red except for one person, their's turned green. The developers then decided they wanted to make the application even better. So was born.